My name is Callum McIntyre and I want to be a doctor.

I am currently a year 13 student studying Chemistry, Biology, and Classical Civilization for A-level at Bedford Modern School

I play rugby and row for my school, and also enjoy taking part in the annual school musical productions, having performed in Les Miserables, Guys and Dolls and Little Shop of Horrors, as the part of the dentist, which I guess I could pretend is work experience.

I was born with optic nerve hypoplasia. It sounds complicated but it basically means I have an underdevelopment of the optic nerve in my right eye, making it blind. No I don’t wear an eye patch, although that would be pretty cool, but I can only see out of my left eye. I have had to visit Great Ormond Street Hospital for a long time to ensure I have fully functional eyesight in my working eye, and have only stopped going to visit them a couple of years ago, because my care has been completed successfully. Why is this relevant you may ask? Well this is why I want to be a doctor. I have seen the impact of a doctor first hand, and felt the satisfaction that a patient feels when properly treated, and this is something I want to replicate myself. I feel like I have a lot to offer, and would love to be able to train as a healthcare professional in order to have a largely positive impact on other peoples lives whenever possible, as I know the benefits a patient can be given.

That is a very brief description of me, and I hope to use this page to document my road to a hopefully successful medical career.