Painting a homeless shelter

Firstly I’d like to apologize for my long absence from this blog. A-levels and a musical production got in the way!

However I am alive, and today myself and some other students repainted two rooms in the Night Shelter, Bedford. The shelter is a great place that provides homeless people a place to sleep at night, as well as a hot meal and showers. They take all sorts of people, from those who are completely homeless, to those who are simply looking for a place to stay for the night who may have been thrown out of their property. They are supported by the Kings Arms Project, and it is a brilliant project who have done some brilliant things.

Finished painting!

Today we were painting and refurbishing rooms to improve the place for the residents. It was a fab day and great to be involved in such a great cause. Over the course of two days, myself and four other Bedford Modern School students raised £160 to go towards the project, through cake sales, where I tried my hand in baking brownies which went down very well! We put this money towards buying brushes and also new lamp shades, cushions and pictures for the rooms, so it was great to see that all of our work was funded by ourselves. Homebase also kindly donated paint for us to use.

Again it was a great day for a great cause, and with our newfound decorating talents, keep an eye out for us on 60-Minute Makeover!



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