My Medlink experience

Recently I attended the Medlink conference for aspiring medics at the University of Nottingham.

The conference didn’t just confirm for me that medicine was what I wanted to do, but it gave me so much more. I met some amazing people with similar interests to myself, and actually learned a lot from them. I never thought I would come away from the conference with strong new friendships, yet here I am, with a whole network of new friends. Amazing.


The speakers at the conference were not only informative but inspiring. There was a whole range of different speakers, from surgeons to pathologists to admissions tutors and even generally inspiring people. One particular speaker by the name of James Ridgeway stood out to me. His enthusiasm and advice has changed my whole approach to applying to medical school, and I feel much more informed having attended the conference.

The exhibition day at the East Midlands Conference Centre was also great. I was able to talk to individual medical school students and admissions tutors, where I gained a lot of information about what different medical schools are looking for, and gave me a rough idea of what universities I was interested in.

Living on campus in the halls of residence also gave me a great insight into what uni life is like, and an idea of what my future could look like.

I have come away from the experience much wiser, and even more inspired than I previously was. I highly recommend the conference to anyone who is considering medicine, as it will help you more than you could imagine (and no I’m not being paid to say this)


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